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Garland Fort is the founder of Holy Hands Painters. A retired firefighter born and raised in California. As a small kid he always had a passion to draw using his God-given talent and gift while attending Myers elementary school located in Rialto, Ca.

During my first grade year, I participated in art drawing when my work was displayed in the auditorium, it became the talk of the town to many teachers, staff, students. Parents were also amazed by the picture that I drew of Martin Luther King Jr. and a dinosaur. I eventually mastered  painting throughout the years transferring my vision onto the wall space. My family and I recently moved to Arizona to join our loved ones. Again, being inspired by the Creator, with the name Holy Hands Painters. I would like to spread my unique talent throughout the valley of Arizona.



Founder of HHP, approximately, 20 years ago shortly after I met my husband Garland, we moved to our first tiny house in San Bernardino, California... we started shopping for brand-new furniture, decorations, etc. Surprisingly, my husband had the nerve to tell me not to return home with cheap wall pictures. He said to me, “I can tell if a person’s home décor is cheap by the pictures on the wall, lol. So, he sent me to Home Depot to buy some interior paint. He told me to pick out the best top-notch colors, so I did. I returned home with  Ralph Lauren Metallic Silver paint and a few other colors. At that point, I still didn’t know why my husband wanted the paint. My husband grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper started drawing on it. He later transferred his vision onto the wall. Like most wives, sometimes we don’t always agree with our spouse especially, when the vision is unclear. As a result, I started panicking and yelling at him. "OMG. I’m telling you I have never seen anything like that in my life." My husband took the pencil, masking tape, and paint and did magic on our walls.

By the next wall he painted, I picked up that paintbrush and said to myself “I can do it” and I did it. Sorry to say, it took me some time, but now I am just as good as him, lol. “Just check out our collections”!



Hi my name is Devin Campos, I am the co-founder of Holy Hands Painters. I took art classes in school from 6th-12th grade and that is where I learned most of my painting and drawing skills. I found a passion for painting interior walls because I love to make a room feel like a new space to relax in. It is a God given gift that I can create something I drew on a piece of paper and transfer my idea onto a wall. In fact, our HHP logo was drawn by me.


We truly value our customers and the relationships we build.


Our foundation aligns with trustworthiness, honesty and virtue.


 We are family owned and operated. We pray together and work hard to achieve your desired project.

Holy Hands Painters

Holy Hands Painters specializes in custom art and home interior designs for all occasions both residential and commercial properties. We strive to provide a unique experience with all HHP clients. As with all HHP art, the client can choose his or her desired colors and finish, making it a State-of-The-Art design. Overall, HHP has 62 years of combined experience in the painter’s industry.

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